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S/FTP Cat6a Ethernet Cable Blue Stranded Copper 26AWG Spool 1000 foot

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Need a high quality S/FTP Cat6a Ethernet Cable, Blue, Stranded Copper, 26AWG, Spool - 1000 foot? Not only is the qualiy great for S/FTP Cat6a Ethernet Cable, Blue, Stranded Copper, 26AWG, Spool - 1000 foot but also the best price.

Some Features of S/FTP Cat6a Ethernet Cable, Blue, Stranded Copper, 26AWG, Spool - 1000 foot

CableWholesale's blue bulk 1000 foot stranded Cat6a S/FTP (Shielded Foil Twisted Pair) Ethernet cable comes in an easy to use spool. Our product, 13X6-561MH , is ideal for the person looking to make a variety of patch cables over a larger job, or for one looking to be prepared to handle unexpected situations within their network infrastructure. Cat6a cable is used for high-speed local networking, data transfer, phone, and other communication applications. Category 6a was designed and ratified specifically for 10-Gigabit Ethernet applications. They perform at high-speed data transfer rates, and work with ATM and 10-gigabit rated products (10GBASE-T or IEEE 802.3an-2006). This is a blue shielded cable with 26AWG (American Wire Gauge) stranded copper conductors which offer more flexibility and a tighter bend radius making it ideal for patch cables. Pure copper conductors provide the best signal possible and are required by the ANSI/TIA-568.2-D standards, which our Cat6a Ethernet cable exceeds . What does S/FTP mean? This particular cable carries the designation S/FTP . The S in S/FTP indicates that there is a braided shield just inside the outer jacket. The succeeding letters indicate that each twisted pair (TP) has its own aluminum mylar foil (F) wrapping. Altogether this cable has 2 levels of shielding. The cable as a whole has a braided shield AND each conductor pair has a foil shield.

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